Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Haysville

A Brief History of Haysville

history of haysville

Haysville is a borough located in Allegheny County along the Ohio River. The population was just 70 in 2010, which marks it the least populated municipality in the county. Haysville is the smallest community in Quaker Valley. It was incorporated in 1902, but the history actually dates back an additional hundred years. Captain John Hay, who was born in Baltimore in 1796, came back to the area that is now Haysville in 1836. He was named Captain of the Jackson Independent Blues (a military group that fought in the Mexican War). He was a flint glass manufacturer and bought 214 acres of land which he called “Burgundia,” from his father-in-law. He ran an inn called the Union Hotel which was above the intersection of River Rd. and Ohio River Blvd. Haysville became named as so when General William Robinson, president of the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne and Chicago Railways called the site by Capt. Hays’ name.

Facts about Haysville

history of haysville

The borough serves just .3 square miles.  It is bordered by Glenfield Borough and Glen Osborne.

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