What Do You Mean Yinz Have One of the Least Sexiest Accents in the U.S.?!

Travel company Big 7 has come out with a survey ranking accents in the country and Pittsburgh came in 43rd out of 50 (Long Island accents came in dead last, Texans first). For some crazy reason, Philadelphia came in 8th! Anyway, we’re here to show the company’s 1.5 million social media followers who voted on the survey just how sexy Pittsburghese can be.

When HLN Described the Perfect Yinzer Day

A Steeler win and Primantis in the same day? If that doesn’t turn you on, we don’t know what does.

When Joe Manganiello Talked Steelers on Seth Meyers

Actor and Pittsburgh native Joe Manganiello talking Pittsburghese at the end of this clip should automatically make our accent shoot to #1 on the list.

When Mark Eddie Gave us “The Dahntahn Song”

It’s really the perfect song to add to your Sexy Playlist, right?

When Pittsburgh Dad gave us directions

Who wouldn’t want to stay in the ‘burgh after listening to these directions?

When the Steelers Polka Plays

Chances are, you or someone you know may have been conceived to this during a wild Steelers celebration.

Because Pittsburgh Natives Sound Way Sexier Than This How-To Video

Yinz all know we can speak way better n’at, right?

Because at Least the Way We Talk is Way Sexier Than This

Don’t worry, it hurts our ears too.

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