Pittsburgh Suburbs: North Fayette Township

A Brief History of North Fayette Township

History of North Fayette Township

North Fayette Township is a township in Allegheny County and a suburb of Pittsburgh. The township has housed the Park Lane Office Center since 1989. North Fayette was originally known for its mining and farming, like many Pittsburgh suburbs. Mines housed in the township included the Montour Mine, Dickson Mine, Santiago Mine and Cliff Mine. The Imperial Coal Company was located at the north end of North Fayette and was near the Montour Railroad. The railroad was built and designed to haul coal from rural western PA into the city where the steel industry used to be thriving. The opposite side of the township was the Pan Handle Railroad. Both railroads have since been converted into multi-use trails. The historic Steubenville Turnpike crossed the township from the northeast to southwest and many shopping areas have popped up between Steubenville and Pittsburgh. Noblestown, in North Fayette, was once known by the name of Noblesburg and was one of the oldest towns in the county. The town was established in 1773 and got its name from Colonel Henry Noble. Noble built one of the first flour mills in the township dating before 1800.

Facts about North Fayette Township

History of North Fayette Township

In April 2014, former President Barack Obama and former vice president Joe Biden spoke at CCAC’s West Hills Center to praise their job-training programs as a national model. The Panhandle Trail, which we discussed in North Fayette’s history, links to Washington D.C. through the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath. The town is bordered by Findlay Township to the north, Robinson Township to the northeast, Collier, South Fayette and others.

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