We were inspired by the success of previous Pittsburghese posts so we decided to create the ultimate Pittsburghese collection from A to Z. Here is part eight, O and P.

1. Oakle Doakle (phrase)


Myron Cope’s iconic phrase he uttered during many a radio broadcast.

2. Oaklin (place)


Oakland, as in the neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

3. Owl (noun) 


Aisle, as in “My favorite owl in Target is the seasonal aisle.”

4. Orrng (noun)


Orange, as in “I love a good glass of orrng juice in the morning.”

5. Oder (adj.) 


Older, as in “My oder cousin Johnny is coming to visit next weekend.”

6. Pullish (adj.)


Polish. Used in a sentence could be “I love a good Pullish sausage for dinner sometimes.”

7. Pick up (verb)


Clean—moms and dads often yell at their children to pick up their rooms.

8. Press (verb)


To iron. Used in a sentence could be, “Mom is pressing my pants for work tomorrow.”

9. Poo tem in (phrase) 


Put them in. Could be used as so—It’s time to poo tem in! (When talking about putting dinner into the oven.)

10. Partly clahhdy (phrase)


Partly cloudy. Used in a sentence could be “Tomorrow’s forecast calls for partly clahhdy skies.”


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