Keep up with all things Penguins throughout the Stanley Cup playoffs and beyond with these seven Twitter accounts about all things Pens.

1. @PenguinsJesus

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

Penguins Jesus has become a cult favorite among Pittsburghers. “Jesus” has just over 53,000 followers and tweets not only his opinions but many retweets from those calling upon him for those crucial wins.

2. @iceburghNHL

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

This parody account for the Pens iconic mascot retweets out lots of great Pens fans, photos and memes like this latest one of two fans dressed as nuns with a “in Sullivan we trust” sign.

3. @EvgeniMalkinEgo

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

This parody account for everyone’s favorite center managed to rack up 64,000+ followers! Sometimes the account makes believe he is Malkin, other times he shares his own personal opinions. No matter what is tweeted out, a lot of it is pretty darn funny.

4. @PhrillKessel

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

One of many Phil Kessel parody accounts, this one has some pretty hysterical and bizarrely funny tweets. One of the recent ones is a picture of Kessel’s head on a pickle dubbed “Dill Kessel.”

5. @penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

The actual official account of the team, this is the place to go for news about the team, schedules and more.

6. @pittsburghbeaut

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

We had to include our account! Did you know Pittsburgh Beautiful just started a sports column? Click here for more information.

7. @GuentzelEgo

Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter Accounts

Jake Guentzel himself even has a parody account. One of the latest is a gif of Guentzel sliding back and forth, guaranteed to make you laugh. More here.

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