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Allentown, a borough in the southern part of the City of Pittsburgh, was carved from St. Clair Township .  It was originally purchased and settled by Joseph Allen in 1827.  Incorporated as Allentown in 1870, it was annexed into the city in 1872.

German, Irish, Welsh and English settlers moved into the area, most of which were skilled laborers who established businesses.

The location helped Allentown to develop quickly.  It is close to downtown Pittsburgh, and transportation was readily available.

First by horse-drawn streecars, and later the electric trolleys.  Allentown was the first site west of the Allegheny Mountains to operate this mode of transportation.

There were also, at the time, 5 inclines that served the neighborhood, as it is mostly located on a hilltop.  One of these was the Knoxville Incline, located at Warrington And Arlington avenues.

This Pittsburgh neighborhood is bordered by the South SideMt. WashingonBelzhoover and Knoxville.

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