7 Pittsburgh Summer Activities You Can’t Miss

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

As a Pittsburgher, chances are you’ve done everything on this list. We put together seven activities Pittsburghers love to do every summer to gear you up for warm weather season. Share this with friends or family who just moved into the area and don’t forget to let us know what your traditional Pittsburgh summer activities are!

1. Visit the Regatta

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

The Regatta will be August 4th-6th this year. Head ‘dahn Point State Park for music, food, fireworks and of course boating. The Regatta is a nonprofit that helps people get the most out of our city’s many rivers and waterways. They offer programs on water safety and aquatic recreational use. More information on the Regatta can be found HERE.

2. Eat Kennywood Potato Patch Fries

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

There’s nothing better than eating a big mountain of warm potato patch fries with gooey cheese on top as the Thunderbolt roars by. Chances are, this may be the one most of us Yinzers have done at some point in our lives. Potato Patch fries also offer bacon bits and brown gravy toppings. Pair them with an ice cold lemonade and you’ve got summer in Pittsburgh! More information on Kennywood Potato Patch Fries can be found HERE.

3. Head to Sandcastle

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

When the weather gets unbearably hot, there’s nothing better than hearing someone suggest “hey, let’s go to Sandcastle!” The Lazy River is perfect for those long stifling summer afternoons in the ‘burgh. Thrill seekers will love Sandcastle’s crazier rides like the Lightning Express and Dragon’s Den, Sandcastle’s newest tube slide. Not to mention, when you get hungry from all that sliding, Sandcastle has really delicious chicken tenders. Adults 21+, there’s also a Boardwalk Bar—Cocomo Joe’s. More information on Sandcastle can be found HERE.

4. See a movie at Dependable Drive-In

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

Moon Twp. is home to one of the very last remaining drive-in movie theaters in the country. Adults can see a double feature for only $8, half the price for most single movie showings these days! Children ages 5-11 are only $3. Nachos, popcorn, hot dogs and more are sold at their extensive snack bar. This is a must-do for many Pittsbughers in the summer. More information on Dependable Drive-In can be found HERE.

5. Make the trip to Steelers Training Camp

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

When the summer winds down, things can sometimes get depressing knowing that school and cold weather is not far away. Seeing the Steelers at Training Camp in August reminds Pittsburghers that the greatest time of the year is soon to arrive—Steeler season! Head up to St. Vincent’s to see all your Steeler heroes. More information on the Steelers Training Camp can be found HERE (should be updated to 2017 soon).

6. See the Pirates

There’s nothing better than seeing the Pirates on a warm summer night. With events like Pup Nights, Fireworks Nights and other special giveaways, there’s always fun to be had with the Pirates every summer. More information on seeing a Pirate game can be found HERE.

7. Zambelli Fireworks on the 4th

Pittsburgh Summer Activities

The Fourth of July isn’t complete unless you’ve seen the Zambelli fireworks display. The impressive show has been delighting Pittsburghers for years. In fact, the Zambelli company has been around for over 100 years. Even if you didn’t go down to the Point for the 4th, chances are you’ve probably seen the fireworks at some point around the city. More information on Zambelli fireworks can be found HERE.

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  1. We lived in Johnstown and for fun my mother would drive the five of us to Idlewilde Park half way between Johnstown and Pittsburgh…if my 88 year old memory serves me.

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