5 More Places to Grab Delicious Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

ice cream in pittsburgh

We had to do one last post of reader suggested places to grab delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh. As the summer comes to a close, expect to see ice cream posts as the weather turns warmer again in the spring of next year. Until then, enjoy those cups, cones and shakes!

Frosty Cone, Elizabeth

ice cream in PittsburghFrosty Cone celebrated its 31st year of service to the Pittsburgh area this year. The independent soft ice cream shop is known to have looong lines of Pittsburghers with a sweet tooth waiting for one of their delicious cones, custard or sugar-free/fat-free frozen yogurt. Don’t miss their homemade ice cream sandwiches, pumpkin soft serve and crazy concoctions like doughnut ice cream sandwiches. Make it a meal and grab a hot dog from Frosty Cone too! 740 McKeesport Rd., 412-551-3539

Crafton Ice Cream Delite

ice cream in Pittsburgh

Crafton Ice Cream Delite has an extensive ice cream menu as well as hot foods like hamburgers, chicken tenders, fries and more. You can even have a funnel cake with ice cream on top. Their specialty sundaes are to die for—their “Oreo Churro” and “S’more” sundaes are delicious. Don’t miss their snowstorms either, their take on Dairy Queen’s blizzards with mix-ins like M&Ms, Snickers, Reese’s Pieces and more. 38 West Steuben St., 412-458-4097

The Flying Squirrel

ice cream in Pittsburgh

If you’re up for some serious nostalgia you’ll want to check out the Flying Squirrel. Enjoy penny candy from your childhood, gum, mints and of course small-batch handmade ice cream. The owner of the shop originally figured it would just sell toys and candy, but Carnegie (where the shop is located) residents really wanted an ice cream shop. Local ice cream makers became the suppliers and flavors always rotate. 241 E. Main St., 412-276-2535

Rolling Cones

ice cream in Pittsburgh

This ice cream shop isn’t a shop at all—it’s a roaming food truck in Pittsburgh! Enjoy ice cream from the famed Penn State Creamery served out of a bright yellow truck. Classic flavors like cookie dough, strawberry and vanilla abound as well as more unique ones like death by chocolate and peachy Paterno. Rolling Cones serves up cool treats at local weddings, parties, corporate events and more. 412-221-1576, rollingcones412@gmail.com

DiFiore’s Ice Cream Delite

ice cream in Pittsburgh

DiFiore’s is the kind of place where you can get lucky with a delicious meal and ice cream, all in one stop. Before you indulge in their incredible ice cream, try noteworthy dishes like their fried pickles, warm breaded fish sandwiches, hearty chicken parm sandwiches and more. Try their strawberry shortcake, frozen yogurt in unique flavors like blueberry, butterscotch and marshmallow. Their banana split is amazing as well. 120 Shiloh St., 412-381-4640

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