7 Pittsburgh Foods You Crave

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If you’ve ever left Pittsburgh for college, a business trip or a vacation, chances are you’ve craved at least one of these foods while you were gone. From Sarris chocolates to Potato Patch fries and everything in between, here are seven foods you get nostalgic for when you’re not in the ‘burgh.

1. Sarris chocolate 

Pittsburgh Foods

Leave town and you’ll instantly crave the chocolate covered pretzels, ice cream sundaes from the Canonsburg shop and other delectables molded into a creamy dark or milk chocolate.

2. Pierogies

Pittsburgh Foods

The ubiquitous food served at local eateries and in local kitchens all around the city can be made in so many different ways. Not to mention, we all know the real reason Pittsburghers go to Pirate games—the Pierogi Race.

3. Chipped ham sandwiches

Pittsburgh Foods
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Isaly’s chipped chopped ham sandwiches are a Pittsburgh institution. Visit a deli outside the ‘burgh and ask for chipped ham and chances are, it won’t be the same.

4. Heinz ketchup

Pittsburgh Foods

There’s nothing worse than visiting a restaurant and seeing they have Hunt’s or another brand that isn’t Heinz. There’s just something about the iconic Pittsburgh ketchup that tastes like home.

5. Mancini’s bread

Pittsburgh Foods

Mancini’s French bread seems to go with anything—sandwiches, as something to dip in while you have Italian food. Either way, the Pittsburgh bakery has been around since 1926. Mancini’s bakes over 10,000 loaves per day with a team of 48 Pittsburghers. Did we also mention their incredible pepperoni rolls?

6. Fried fish sandwich

Pittsburgh Foods

Lenten Fridays are chock full of these Pittsburgh delicacies.  You can find plenty of them in our list of Pittsburgh fish fries.   All year ’round, many area restaurants also serve fish sandwiches or feature them as specials on Fridays.

7. Fries—on your salad and the Potato Patch variety

Pittsburgh Foods

Pittsburgh salads—the kind that fries are served on top of—are one of the many quirky things that make the city’s cuisine as awesome as it is. There’s also Kennywood’s Potato Patch fries, what many in the city will describe to non-Pittsburghers as the best cheese fries in the world.

You can find all of these Pittsburgh Foods at one of these great places to eat in Pittsburgh.

17 thoughts on “7 Pittsburgh Foods You Crave”

  1. Michael Laskowski

    Heinz Ketchup, really? You can’t get any other brand anywhere in this country. Please be a little more original.

    1. Cynthia DeLouis

      Sorry Michael, but moved to the gulf side of Florida just a few weeks ago and was horrified when we went into a local diner and served some off brand of ketchup that wasn’t Hunts and CERTAINLY was not Heinz…….won’t go back there because they did not have Heinz!!!!!!!

  2. Pamela’s (anywhere in Pittsburgh) for breakfast. I adore their pancakes and their Lyonaisse potatoes.

    1. What about:
      Wilson’s Candy Co in Greensburg? Chocolate covered strawberries!

      Primantis sandwiches?

      Rudy’s Submarine sandwiches in Harmerville—-which I’ve heard has closed forever due to Covid?

      When I come home to visit—these are required visits!!!

  3. Mrs. T’s Pierogies is located in Schuylkill County, PA? And you forgot Primanti Brothers everything!

  4. I miss turkey devonshires that I can’t get anywhere in the country. Second is Mineo’s pizza that I can get shipped to me, thank goodness.

  5. Fish sandwiches, especially Wholey’s. No one in SC makes a decent fish sandwich. No one here does Friday Fish fry either. Protestant heathens.

  6. Virginia Laskowski

    Every Pittsburgh food list has Primanti’s, Heinz, and pierogies on it, along with chipped ham. 2 of which I could do without, won’t say which. There is so much more to Pgh food. Stuffed cabbage, cheese steak hoagies, hell just an Italian hoagie, no where makes them better, some places don’t even have them, hot sausage, you would be amazed at the states that don’t have them. We are also blessed with local bakeries, and multiple ethnic food restaurants. Anyway Pgh is so much more than what is always listed.

  7. The food I miss from Pgh is Jimmy the Greek’s on w. Liberty Hot Sausage Sandwiches smothered in smothered onions.

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