5 Great Restaurants in Highland Park

Restaurants in Highland Park

Highland Park is teeming with delicious Pittsburgh staples like Tambellini’s and Park Bruges. There’s also Applewood Smoke Burger and Smiling Banana Leaf. No matter what cuisine you’re interested in, Highland Park is a cozy and fun neighborhood.

1. Tambellini’s

Restaurants in Highland Park

For a true dining out experience, head to Highland Park’s Tambellini’s restaurant shines. Its classic Italian dishes like chicken or veal parm and fried zucchini and rich Pittsburgh history make for a wonderful date night out. More information on Tambellini’s can be found HERE.

2. Point Bruges

Restaurants in Highland Park

The fresh cuisine in a cozy neighborhood setting echoes the little bistros throughout Europe. Their small dishes shine like poutine, frites and french onion soup. Their weekend brunch is a hit too with all the staples like waffles, bacon and eggs benedict. More information on Park Bruges can be found HERE.

3. Applewood Smoke Burger

Restaurants in Highland Park

This traditional American pub is laid-back and no frills. Enjoy bison burgers, sweet chipotle wings and fries are incredible—don’t miss the bacon cheese fries and sweet potato fries. More information on Applewood Smoke Burger can be found HERE.

4. Smiling Banana Leaf

Restaurants in Highland Park

Yummy spring rolls and chicken satay abound at this Thai spot. They make spot-on amazing pad Thai with lots of spicy yumminess. Desserts include thai custard with sticky rice and sweet mango with sticky rice. More information on Smiling Banana Leaf can be found HERE

5. Tazza D’Oro

Restaurants in Highland Park

This café and espresso bar has been serving piping hot cups since 1999. Their local and sustainable menu includes veggies, fruits, doughnuts, eggs, bagels and bacon. More information with Tazza D’Oro can be found HERE.

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