5 Great Restaurants in Homewood

Homewood has lots of delicious, family-run restaurants including lots of barbecue like The Dream BBQ and Simmie’s. Don’t miss these eateries next time you’re in the area.

1. The Dream BBQ

Restaurants in Homewood

This barbecue, soul food and chicken joint serves some darn good barbecue. Whether you’re looking for meaty ribs or juicy chicken with incredible sauce, The Dream BBQ doesn’t hold back. It’s a no fuss place with some seriously good eats. More information on The Dream BBQ can be found here.

2. Hook Fish & Chicken

Restaurants in Homewood

If you’re craving fish or chicken, this place is an obvious choice. There’s a chicken tender dinner option, or a jumbo shrimp dinner. Lots of wing choices are on the menu too, as well as oysters, scallops or crab cakes. If you can’t decide, there are also both chicken and fish dishes, like a perch and wings combo dinner. More information on Hook Fish & Chicken can be found here.

3. Social

Restaurants in Homewood

Social’s tagline is “tasty grub and delicious drinks.” Items are varied but good—standouts include guapo tacos, with fried chicken and lime and a housemade Reuben. For dessert, there’s a build your own ice cream sandwich, freshly baked cookies or brownies. More information on Social can be found here.

4. Simmie’s

Restaurants in Homewood

Another barbecue joint, Simmie’s has your typical barbecue specials but also serves entrees like meatball hoagies and lasagna with meat sauce. For the colder months, enjoy turkey chili or tuna mac casserole. More information on Simmie’s can be found here.

5. Ms. Sandy’s Kitchen

Restaurants in Homewood

Ms. Sandy’s sells home-cooked meals just like mom makes. There’s a crispy BLT with cheese and mayo, steak hoagies, surf and turf or chicken salad. More information on Ms. Sandy’s Kitchen can be found here.


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