5 Great Restaurants Around East Liberty

restaurants around east liberty

The East End and Wilkinsburg are full of delicious, diverse food options. Whether you’re into seafood, pizza or southern cuisine, there’s something for everyone in these Pittsburgh communities.

1. Simmie’s Restaurant

Restaurants Around East Liberty

Simmie’s is currently closed for renovations but they did open a “bistro to go” mini restaurant of sorts. Their menu is mostly seafood with some items like fried chicken, meatball hoagies and lasagna. Cooler weather seasonal favorites include turkey chili and a chicken and shrimp jamabalaya. For more information on Simmie’s click here.

2. Nancy’s East End Diner

Restaurants Around East Liberty

If a home-cooked breakfast is what you’re craving, this is the place for you. Their coffee to go is just $1.49 for the smaller size. As far as dishes, short stacks of fluffy pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs abound as noteworthy delicious dishes. For more information on Nancy’s, click here.

3. Sister’s Kitchen Neighborhood Takeout

Restaurants Around East Liberty

This neighborhood takeout joint serves up some tasty chicken—nuggets, wings, sandwiches, you name it. They also make made-to-order burgers and crispy mozzarella sticks. For more information on Sister’s Kitchen, click here. 

4. Peppi’s

Restaurants Around East Liberty

Peppi’s old time sandwich shop makes amazing sandwiches with fun names involving Pittsburgh like The Phantom, The Heath Bar-b-que. There’s also plenty of burger subs options, salads if you’re trying to be healthier and sides like fries and onion rings. For more information on Peppi’s, click here.

5. Jean’s Southern Cuisine

Restaurants Around East Liberty

This southern comfort food spot has a new location but it’s still right in the heart of Wilkinsburg. Enjoy amazing traditional soul food like fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and greens. For more information on Jean’s Southern Cuisine, click here.


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  1. Thomas Donaldson

    How can you leave out the oldest, best local family restaurant: Vento’s Pizza on Highland at Penn Circle north? Delicious food and great people. Check it out!!

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