An imagined conversation with Steelers Nation . . .

steelers nation

Pittsburgh Beautiful:  You look tired.

Steelers Nation:  Shut up.

PB:  Why are you so angry? Did you see how beautiful our city looked on national television Sunday night?

SN:  Seriously, you clown, you were looking at the city? No wonder your columns are so stupid – you obviously do not watch the Steelers.

PB:  Are you still mad at me for saying that the Steelers are in a funk?

SN:  No, I don’t get mad at people who say stupid things, I just feel bad for them because they do not get how super amazing the Steelers are, and how the stupid refs lost the game for them on Sunday night.

PB:  I’ll give you bad officiating – but your beloved had a 16-point halftime lead.

SN:  Whatevs – the refs suck.

PB:  Maybe, but what about the fact that the Steelers simply could not stop San Die – I mean Los Angeles in the second half?

SN:  They would have stopped them if Lambert still played. That skinny dude kept catching passes over the middle cause our linebackers couldn’t cover him.  Jack Splat would’ve lit that dude up like the Christmas tree on Horne’s downtown.

PB:  Is Horne’s still there? Isn’t it a Lazrus, or something like that?

SN:  I will admit, though, they shoulda won that game. That’s a bad loss.

PB:  Might have really hurt your playoff chances.

SN:  Nah, bro, the Steelers are good. Going to Oakland, that’s an easy win, then it’s time for payback for Belicheat and those scumbag Patriots.

PB:  Are you forgetting recent history? The Steelers are not very good on the road and have never played well in Oakland, especially under Tomlin. Not so sure about that easy win out there in Oakland, and I am even less convinced the Steelers can beat the Patriots. If they lose those two games, or even one, and lose to the Saints in Week 16, they may have to win their final game against the Bungles just to get into the playoffs. If they lose to Oakland, the playoff ship may have sailed on the season.

SN:  See, this is why I hate you – you are always so negative. The Steelers are fine. You’ll see, and you will eat every stupid word you typed about that team!

PB:  I pretty much indicated that I think they are a playoff team, but I have to tell you, I am more than a little worried.

SN:  Are my glasses smeared? Everything looks blurry.

PB:  Borrow mine, they have a Steelers logo on them, but they are not black and gold colored.

SN:  Whoa – wait a minute – now I see what you are talking about. Ah man, I need to call and cancel those early February plane tickets to Atlanta.

PB:  Don’t you think you might be overreacting? After all, it’s only two losses.


Other MoioMusings:

  • So Pitt made it to their first ACC Conference Championship Game and Pat Narduzzi pounded his chest about Pitt’s wonderful achievement. Look, I love the Panthers. I am a Pitt grad who wants nothing more than to see the program flourish, but Narduzzi is delusional. This year’s Pitt team is not as good as the team that beat Clemson two years ago, and the program has not taken significant steps forward, at least not until we see if Pitt’s Coastal Division Title helps Pitt recruit players that can help them beat good teams so that wins over also-rans like Syracuse and Virginia are not the best Pitt can claim. Let’s just hope Pitt can do better in this version of the Sun Bowl than the 2008 team’s anemic 3-0 loss to Oregon State.
  • Too bad Pitt mens hoops doesn’t have a good big to go along with their trio of very good freshmen guards. A lack of a real scoring threat down low or a post player who can force defenders to respect Pitt’s inside game is making things more difficult on the dribble drive and limites Jeff Capel’s offense. No doubt that Pitt is trending up, and hopefully Capel can land a good big man so the Panthers can compete in the ACC.
  • I love Patric Hornqvist’s game. He is total nuisance when he is on top of his game and has a scoring touch to match his gritty style. If I have one complaint about the Mad Swede, it’s that he is somewhat inconsistent, but when he is on, it is fun to watch. Witness Hornqvist’s franchise record fastest natural hat trick in last night’s 6-3 win over Colorado. Nothing flashy from Hornqvist, his second goal looked like he willed it over the goal line, just a relentless effort in a game the Pens needed to begin to regain some footing in the Metropolitan Division.
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