The Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast

Super excited to bring the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast to life!  Many of you have watched our LiveDrives on Facebook, and I’ve received countless emails asking for more of those, as well as a podcast, so…  you wanted it, you got it.  What’s great about this…?  You, the followers of Pittsburgh Beautiful, will have the chance to be on the podcast.  The Pittsburgh Beautiful podcast is about YOU…

So… how do you do it?  Simple… you can leave a 1 minute message here.   Tell us why you should be on the podcast.  We are looking for true Pittsburghers.  You bleed black and gold.  You breathe black and gold.  You also exhale black and gold.  What should you tell us?  Where you grew up… what your favorite haunts were… and are…  food, hidden gems in your neighborhood, funny moments… the best Pens game you were at…  all that good stuff.  And in your best Pittsburghese accent, too!

Once again… leave us a message right here, and you may just be on the podcast!

You can catch up on all of our Pittsburgh podcasts right here:

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