Pittsburgh Suburbs: Chalfant


A Brief History of Chalfant


Chalfant is a small borough in Allegheny County with a population of just 800. The borough was named after the Chalfant family of settlers, particularly Henry Chalfant. He came to the land in the early 1800s and was a famous pioneer and innkeeper. He also served as the first postmaster in the Turtle Creek Valley area. He managed 102 acres, a lot of which were in what is now Chalfant.

Chalfant is 10 miles east of downtown and broke away from Wilkins Township in 1914. When it began, the neighborhood had just over 100 homes and a population of 500. Most were farmers, but later blue collar and machinery took over as popular jobs. Farmlands soon became homes and the population of Chalfant peaked in the early ’40s at around 1,400. Post World War II many vets moved and the borough is home to lots of empty nesters.

Facts about Chalfant


The total square area of land is just .2 miles. Chalfant has three borders, Wilkins Township, Forest Hills and North Braddock. There were just over 400 homes in the borough and most were married couples living together. The average family size in Chalfant is 2.85. The average age of those living in Chalfant is 41. Recent news in Chalfant include the formation of a Crime Watch Committee and Redd Up Day to clean up area streets and lots. The Volunteer Fire Department in Chalfant holds a hoagie sale every year in the springtime.

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