Pittsburgh Suburbs: Rosslyn Farms

Rosslyn Farms

A Brief History of Rosslyn Farms

Rosslyn Farms The area was founded in 1902 by Chartiers Land Company. Rosslyn Farms was developed by William Parrish and got its name from Roslin, Scotland, a village seven miles south of Edinburgh which also was where the land company’s parents were born. In 1901, the Chartiers Land Company invited Parrish to develop the area. Parrish was a successful land developer and builder in Ohio at the time. Parrish began building six homes. In 1919, he unexpectedly passed away and his son took over the development.

When the community was livable, horse and buggy was the main mode of transportation. Once the borough hit 60 occupied houses, Pittsburgh Railways added street car service from Main Street in Carnegie to the top of the hill in Rosslyn Farms. Bus service began in 1941.

Rosslyn Farms has been quite social since its beginnings. There’s an annual 4th of July celebration and the Women’s Club originated in 1902. In 1910, a community school house was built. Later, Rosslyn Farms combined with Crafton and Carnegie to what is the Carlynton School District. The former school was turned into a community center.

Facts about Rosslyn Farms

Rosslyn Farms

Rossyln Farms is a suburb in Pittsburgh about five miles west of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. It is small, with an area of just .6 miles. As of the latest census, the population was just 427.

Rosslyn Farms is bordered by Carnegie, Robinson Township, Thornburg, Chartiers Creek, East Carnegie and Scott Township. As of the latest census there were 185 homes with just over 70 percent married couples living together. The average family size is 2.85 and the age most represented are those ages 45 to 64.

In the center of borough is a community center, which previously mentioned was the school house, serves as the meeting place for many events, recreational and youth activities.

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