Memorable Pittsburgh Moments: The 1950s

Brady Stewart Studio; Aerial View of Pittsburgh’s Skyline, 1954; Courtesy of Brady Stewart Studio

We all know Pittsburgh has a rich history. Here is the second in a series of memorable Pittsburgh moments—the 1950s. We’ll take you through every decade through present day over the next few weeks. Happy reading!


  • The Fitzgerald Field House opened on Pitt’s campus. – The Fitzgerald Field House was for decades, the home of Pitt’s basketball program. The Field House gave a home court advantage that gave Pitt a 414-175 winning record. The basketball teams moved to the Peterson Events Center in 2002.



  • The Greater Pittsburgh Airport opened. – The airport opened on May 31st and the word International was added after the international arrivals area opened. The first flight left the airport on June 3, 1952. In 1953, over 1.4 million passengers used the airport.



  • Mellon Square is renamed. – On September 28th, the Pittsburgh City Council renamed a park Mellon Square. The square is named after Richard Beatty Mellon and Andrew Mellon. It’s part of the Pittsburgh Central Downtown Historic District, which became a site on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.



  •  WTAE-TV began broadcasting. – The station began on September 14th and has been the city’s Pittsburgh ABC affiliate since then.



  • The Fort Pitt Bridge opened. – The bridge opened at 11 a.m. on June 19th with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ceremony was led by then-governor David L. Lawrence before a caravan drove over the bridge. There was also a horse salute upriver.


Here are some memorable Pittsburgh moments of the 1960s and 1970s.


4 thoughts on “Memorable Pittsburgh Moments: The 1950s”

  1. Late in the 50’s I remember going to the airport after dates, standing somewhere outside on a roof-like area, watching the planes.

  2. Carolyn Sharp Yates

    I remember driving out to the airport with my friends in the early 60s just to watch the planes take off and land. That and riding the incline were favorites.


    I remember the evenings out near Allegheny County Airport just off Rt51 watching the slag cars from the steel companies dumping red hot slag over the hill. It was loud and impressive to watch.

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