A Brief History of Noblestown


Its median area is just 1.12 miles. Noblestown’s founding date has never been noted, but it was the oldest town in that part of the county. Noblestown was founded by Col. Henry Noble. His family operated a sawmill and flour mill on the land (they bought it in the 1770s). In its early days, Noblestown was called Noble’s-burgh and Noblesburg. When Noble’s first flour shipment went out, about 60 people were living in the community. The town had its own post office by 1823 and soon after, railroad tracks that went the length of Robinson Run. One of the oldest churches in the area, and quite possibly the county, is the Noblestown United Presbyterian Church on Mill Street, which dates back to the 1850s.

Facts about Noblestown


Sturgeon-Noblestown was a census-designated place in Allegheny County during the 2000 US Census. Ten years later, it was split into two separate census designated places. Its population is around 2,000 people. Neither town has its own government so that is why their populations are meshed into one. There are around 670 homes in the neighborhood and just under 40 percent have children under 18 living in them. Most are married couples living together with the most popular age group being 25 to 44 years of age.

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