St. Clair is a neighborhood placed high atop one of Pittsburgh’s south hills. Originally part of Lower St. Clair Township, it was annexed into the city of Pittsburgh in 1920.  It is bordered by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of ArlingtonMt. OliverCarrick and Hays Woods. Located along Becks’s Run road, St. Clair is only about 198 acres.   It’s a relatively isolated patch of ground overlooking the Monongahela.  The neighborhood used to be home to St. Clair Village, a public housing project with 680 apartments that was built in the 1950s.  The project was demolished recently with plans to create a large urban garden as well as build single family housing units.

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St. Clair

St. Clair Village was built in October 1953. It was once a thriving neighborhood with families who were very close. It wasn’t until recent years that crime took a toll on the neighborhood and reduced it to a high crime area. Early residents of the community remembered it “like at a kibbutz, where you’re self-sustaining, and you’re so close together, you’re more like brothers and sisters.” There was a bakery, a grocery, and a clothing store.

The neighborhood is sparsely populated today with a few single family residences, but mostly green space.  The Urban Garden and revitalization of the neighborhood with new single family residences for purchase and/or rent has been in the planning stages for a while.St. Clair

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