Transformation Coaching with Christina Tarantola on the Podcast

Christina Tarantola

Episode 5 of Season 2 for the Pittsburgh Beautiful podcast can be heard right here.

Christina Tarantola

Transformation.   That’s what Dr. Christina Tarantola hopes to help her clients accomplish.   Much like the transformation she experienced moving from New York City to Pittsburgh.   I met Christina while looking for more interesting Pittsburgher stories to tell, and her path here to Pittsburgh is one that is becoming more common.   Growing up on Long Island, attending school in New York, and moving to Pittsburgh for her career, at the time, as a pharmacist in Pittsburgh.   Now, one of a growing number of women entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh, she has decided to take her life experiences and help others transform their lives.   To become happy, prosperous and productive.   And… to stay right here in Pittsburgh.

Christina’s story is a fascinating one… one that I am privileged to tell.   As always, I like to leave the story for the guest to tell on the podcast.  So listen up, Pittsburghers…

You can find out more about Dr. Christina Tarantola and the way she helps women to empower themselves through Transformation Coaching right here!

Thank you, Christina, for your energy and passion… and thank you for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful!

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