The World According to Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers holds a special place in peoples’ hearts.  Especially here in Western Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh.  Known as a kind and gentle man… he was also extremely ambitious and successful… at showing the world how to be filled with love, peace and kindness.  Known for many a profound thought… I’ve put together 7 of what I think gives you the well rounded version of the life Mr. Rogers lived.

You can start the world according to Mr. Rogers by clicking HERE.

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You can also find more of my posts about Mr. Rogers below.   Peace be with you!

Thank you Mr. Rogers

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1 thought on “The World According to Mr. Rogers”

  1. Mary C Schlumberger

    Wonderful thoughts on Mr. Rogers. He was a very important part of my youth and adulthood watching him with my girls. He was my link to Pittsburgh when my husband and I moved to Florida. I was very homesick, so many times I cried while Mr. Rogers was on. Tears of familiarity with my hometown and his kind voice and tours of various Pittsburgh businesses, libraries, museums, etc.
    Thanks to Mr. Rogers.

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