A Brief History of Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

history of Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar is a neighborhood in the Northeastern part of the city of Pittsburgh and runs along the Allegheny River. The history of Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar starts with┬áLincoln and Lemington as former neighborhoods in the same part of the city. It’s bordered by Homewood to the south, Larimer and Highland Park to the west and finally, Penn Hills to the east. The neighborhood sits on a hill that overlooks the city on Tilden Street. The neighborhood is subdivided at Lemington Ave. into Upper and Lower Lincoln.

Facts about Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

history of Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar

The community is one of the steepest in the city.The community is actually so steep, its residents can see Downtown Pittsburgh despite it being eight miles away. Landmarks like the Veterans Hospital and Shuman Detention Center are in Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar. The neighborhood houses the Waterworks Mall and St. Margaret Hospital. Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar is home to schools like Pittsburgh Public School system’s Lincoln, Faison and Westinghouse.┬áMany of the neighborhood’s residents utilize the Homewood Library, as it’s a vital part of the community. Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar got the best marks for its public schools, earning a B+ rating. The average age in the neighborhood is 45 years and the population is approximately 4,000.

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