A Brief History of Morningside

history of morningside

Morningside is located on the east end of Pittsburgh. It’s bordered by the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Highland Park, Stanton Heights and the Allegheny River. Before the area that is now Morningside was annexed in 1868, it was part of Collins Township. The area was actually home to multiple vegetable and dairy farms that were run by about a dozen settler families. The area remained blissfully unchanged until 1905-1906. Around that time, the Chislett Street trolley line was extended from Stanton Avenue into the neighborhood, which brought families traveling from the East End/Highland Park area toward Fox Chapel and Etna. After this change, 500 homes a year were built and the idyllic farms were sold. The community was filled to the brim with homes and commercial development in the 1930s.

Facts about Morningside

history of morningside

Morningside has a very active community council, with resources for public safety, shopping local, local government and more. The community currently has approximately 3,000 residents. The average age in Morningside is 44 with 67 percent as homeowners. The community even has its own Facebook page with events like a Mac & Cheese Bake-Off and a “Merry Morningside” meet-up around the holidays. Over 1,000 people like the page. Morningside is within walking distance of Highland Park and the Pittsburgh Zoo.

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