A Brief History of Lincoln Place

history of Lincoln Place

Lincoln Place is a neighborhood located in the 31st ward of Pittsburgh. It is in the southeast corner of the ‘burgh. It is one community that actually has two zip codes. There was an amusement park in Lincoln Place in the late 1890s called Calhoun Park. It was opened by the Pittsburgh Railways Company and was in operation until 1910. It opened on Mifflin Road and a trailer park now stands where the amusement park was. It had one wooden roller coaster.

Facts about Lincoln Place

history of Lincoln Place

Lincoln place is minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, but seems suburban. There is plenty of green space in Lincoln Place, which allows for wildlife like wild turkey and deer roaming about. The neighborhood was rated an A for schools and safety and families and a solid B for real estate, nightlife and diversity. The population of the community was around 3,000 according to the last 2010 census. Its median rent is about $700 per month and home values are in the $90,000s. It was ranked the 6th safest neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Most residents of Lincoln Place are homeowners and the average age is 47, slightly older than many Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Residents love that the community is quiet, clean and have plenty of parks.

The history of Lincoln Place is another key to the history of the great city of Pittsburgh.

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