Penguins Stanley Cup : The Pens go Back to Back!

Well, we did it! Just when it seemed like everyone had fallen in love with Nashville and its country music concerts catfish celebrities Stanley Cup Final games, the Penguins were quietly making it happen, becoming the unlikely underdogs that many hoped wouldn’t win. Throughout the playoffs, it often felt like Pittsburgh against the world. Sunday night ended up crowning us the City of Champions once again, with Pittsburgh rising in triumph, winning their second Stanley Cup in two years. We survived and we did it together. Plans for a victory parade are set for this Wednesday, June 14th at 11 a.m.

Dramatic Moments

Penguins Stanley Cup

Hero of the game Patric Hornqvist has earned the Titanic treatment on his goal. 96.1 KISS-FM reposted the Twitter account @TitanicHoops Hornqvist goal set to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” Check it out here—we dare you not to shed a tear.

Another “there’s something in my eye” moment involved goalies Marc-Andre Fleury and Matt Murray. Fleury, who will most likely not be back next year, passed the cup to the young Matt Murray in a “passing the torch” sort of moment. Watch the memorable moment here.

Beast Moves

Penguins Stanley Cup

Sure, we were a banged-up team off and on throughout our journey to the Cup. The Pens rose to the occasion though and some were just in complete beast mode. After getting injured in Game 2 of the Nashville series, center Nick Bonino revealed he played the rest of the game on a broken tibia. Defenseman Ian Cole let it be known yesterday that he had a broken hand since the Washington Capitals series.

Memorable Moments

Penguins Stanley Cup

Speaking of beast moves, the game that Crosby had enough sparked multiple awesome and awesomely hilarious memes. In Game 5 of the Nashville series, Crosby got into it with Predator P.K. Subban, who had Crosby’s legs so Crosby decided to repeatedly shove Subban’s face into the ice. Many thought Subban deserved it, and others didn’t think Crosby got penalized enough. In that same game, Crosby accidentally tossed a water bottle onto the ice during play. It was the game no one wanted to mess with him, that’s for sure!

In the celebrations in the last seconds of Game 6 yesterday, Evgeni Malkin accidentally punched Phil Kessel in the face. Watch the laughable bro-tastic celebratory moment here.

Oh, and speaking of Phil Kessel, guess who’s now a two-time Stanley Cup champion? This guy:

Penguins Stanley Cup

Steelers, let’s keep this City of Champions momentum going! See you in September!

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