Pittsburgh Beautiful is proud to bring you this 3D scan and walk through of the Point of View Sculpture. Click the Play Button and click the person icon on the bottom left to begin your experience.  Enjoy!

Point of View is a 2006 landmark public sculpture in bronze by James A. West; it sits in a parklet named for the work of art, Point of View Park, on Mount Washington.

The piece depicts George Washington and the Seneca leader Guyasuta, with their weapons down, in a face-to-face meeting in October 1770, when the two men met while Washington was in the area examining land for future settlement along the Ohio River.

The work weighs 750 lbs. and cost $130,000 for materials with charitable donations of land, pedestal and artist time.

Point of View sits on the edge of Mt. Washington (Grandview Avenue at Sweetbriar Street) on the westernmost end of Grand View Scenic Byway Park and the Grand View Scenic Byway, a designated Pennsylvania scenic byway.

The sculpture was dedicated on October 25, 2006 by mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

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