So many reasons to love Pittsburgh!  Here are 9 for you to ponder.  Of course, there are many more reasons Pittsburgh is a great place… so follow along and comment your thoughts below!

1. Foodies love us


It’s true, Smart Asset named us the fourth best city for foodies and said we’re climbing the culinary charts too!

2. People want to vacation here


Believe it or not, Pittsburgh is becoming a must-see travel destination. In fact, Harper’s Bazaar named us number four out of the 17 best places to travel in 2017.

3. You can retire early here


Nope, those gloom and doom stories of Gen Xers and Millennials having to work forever are erased here in the ‘burgh. Forbes called us one of the 10 best cities to retire early.

4. Pets love us


Pittsburgh was named one of the best cities to travel with pets. Even Fido loves us!

5. We’re not your grandma’s city anymore

Pittsburgh Attractions

Of course we are a city for all ages, but did you know Niche ranked us the 31st best city in America for Millennials?

6. If you’re into science and math, we’re the city for you


WalletHub rated us the 10th best metro area for STEM professionals.

7. We’re the 2nd best city for football fans (but we consider ourselves the first)


Who says Pittsburgh is just the 2nd best city for football?  Hmmm… we beg to differ!  Steelers fans world wide would agree… we are the BEST city for football.

8. We aren’t just for the suburbs anymore

Pittsburgh rated us top on a list where the downtown area is making a comeback.

9. Our museums are the real deal


USA Today voted the Children’s Museum here one of the 10 best for families.

Here are 9 Things You Should Know About Pittsburgh

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