A Real Pittsburgh Beautiful Story

The following story was submitted as a comment on one of the beautiful Pittsburgh pictures submitted to our Pittsburgh Beautiful Facebook Page…   Art then emailed us asking if we could post it on the website, as it is indeed a beautiful story and a testimony to what we always mention on our live Pittsburgh videos… the most beautiful part of Pittsburgh is the people.  It’s short and sweet… thank you, Art, for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful!

“This is my real “Beautiful Pittsburgh” story. Back in 1953 my father was in the hospital dying of cancer and his only wish for Christmas was to have a picture of his children.


Since we were quite poor my mother could not afford the cost to have a picture taken when a photographer from the Post Gazette heard the story and came to our home and took the photo for my father. He then put the picture on the front page of the Post Gazette on December 23rd which opened the hearts of many Pittsburgher’s.


The people of Pittsburgh donated to our family to make this a wonderful Christmas. The photographer then put a second picture on December 26th of my brothers and sister showing us having that wonderful Christmas. I was only 2 years old when this happened.


I have never thanked both the photographer and the people of Pittsburgh. So Thank you from my heart. This is the real “Pittsburgh Beautiful”, the people.”


Pittsburgh Beautiful Story



Pittsburgh Beautiful Story


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