Millvale Music Festival

Starting tonight, it’s the second annual Millvale Music Festival.  It’s taking place in a variety of added new venues to include:

Millvale Food Truck Park

The River’s Edge Main Stage @ Mr. Smalls Theatre

Bell’s Brewery Main Stage @ GAP Park

Sidekick Media Services Stage @ Element Church

Tazza D’Oro

Millvale Community Library

The Gardens of Millvale

Millvale Yoga Collective Stage @ Sedgewick St. Art Gallery

Green Mountain Energy Stage @ Strange Roots Experimental Ales

Dogfish Head Stage @ Double L Bar

zTrip Stage @ Bauerlein St. Stage at Sidelines

Smokey’s Tavern

New Sun Rising

Victory Brewing Stage @ VFW Post 118

Howard’s Pub

The War Room at Mr. Smalls

Grist House Craft Brewery Stage @ Grist House Craft Brewery

Oscar Blues Stage @ Cousins Lounge

The Metal Edge Stage @ The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls

Happy Day Lounge

Good Time Bar

Troegs Stage @ Bar 3

Commonwealth Press Stage @ Panza Gallery.

Does that seem like a lot?  It is!  But it has to be to accommodate the over 150 bands performing to celebrate 150 years of Millvale.  I wish I could list all of them, but you would stop reading.  Highlights are many and oh BTW it’s free.

The complete list of bands can be found here on the Millvale Music Festival’s website, HERE.


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  1. Sandra Shaulis

    I grew up in Millvale but now live in Ohio. I lived on Evergreen Avenue and graduated from Millvale High School in 1962. This festival seems awesome and I would love to have a T-shirt. Is it possible to order one? Thanks!

    Sandy Shaulis

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