Still Looks Good for 70????

Several years ago local singer/songwriter Joe Grushecky wrote a song as a birthday present for his buddy called “Still Look Good For 60.”  The buddy liked the song so much that Joe cut it for his Somewhere East of Eden record.  Of course the buddy was Bruce Springsteen;  Joe and Bruce have performed the song together several times always having a good time.  Now though the lyrics may have to change – Joe Grushecky is 70.

Joe Grushecky

My trip following Joe started November 28, 1981 when I was doing what I always did on Saturday – laying on the floor in my parents living room watching Solid Gold.  This episode was a little different though — from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – The Iron City Houserockers.  The concept that someone from here could be there (and by there I meant with the Solid Gold Dancers) opened my mind to possibilities that hadn’t existed before.

I conservatively estimate I’ve seen Joe over 600 times since then.  Yeah and that’s conservative.  It’s never been boring, and his songs have grown to be a part of me.  More than any artist, I feel these songs are being played “Just For Me.”  It’s like how did this guy get in my head.  On two separate occasions my sons have asked if I helped Joe write the song as it fit our lives so much (not yet but I’m still hoping).  Recently Joe put out a song with a line “we are all a work in progress” that made my kids laugh, as I say that often.

Joe Grushecky

Joe’s career has wound around and up and down.  However at 70 he’s still going strong.  That’s What Makes Us Great, the first single from his latest record More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows, was probably the biggest hit of his career.   The second one (the title track) has been the most played song on WDVE for over a month.

I asked Joe recently if he planned to change the lyrics to Still Look Good.  Joe’s answer defied his age and was very rock and roll, “Screw You Zeke!”  Not Dead Yet!

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