Legendary WTAE meteorologist Joe DeNardo passed away June 15, 2018 of lung cancer at the age of 87.

A Pittsburgh Original

As a child of the ’90s, Joe DeNardo gave me quite a lot of snow days growing up. When the Blizzard of ’93 and Blizzard of ’96 hit, back before storms were named trendy monikers millennials give their kids, we waited for Joe. He would get on TV and tell us not inches, but feet were on their way. We lived for the commercial “Joe said it would!” because we knew that if Joe said so, weather magic would happen.

The Early Years

Joe DeNardo

DeNardo wasn’t actually born in Pittsburgh—his life began in Martins Ferry, Ohio. After attending Wheeling Central Catholic in West Virginia, DeNardo made his way to Duquesne University and that was where he became an adopted Pittsburgher for life. He studied math and physics at Duquesne then later jetted off to Chicago to get a masters in meteorology. He then served in the Air Force and before he became a staple at WTAE, he advised meteorologists at KDKA. He joined WTAE in 1969 and well, as many of us know, the rest is history

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Charitable Causes

Joe DeNardo

DeNardo spent time volunteering at the Moon Parks and Recreation Board. He also hosted countless celebrity golf and softball tournaments and was also very active with the Special Olympics. DeNardo also co-founded Project Bundle Up,an organization (along with the Salvation Army) that has raised over $14 million for winter hats, coats and gloves for needy children in the Western Pennsylvania area.

* information from this article


Joe DeNardo

DeNardo’s wife Delores died in 2009. DeNardo and she had two sons, Doug and Jeff, and many children and great-grandchildren. They often were seen at Kennywood during WTAE Day every summer.


Next time Pittsburgh has a truly gorgeous, sunny and beautiful day, look up at the sky. It just may be Joe putting in a good word with the big guy for his favorite city.

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