It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these. Here are 9 more words to add to your Pittsburghese dictionary. If you have one you’d like to see included, let us know in the comments and you may see it in a future post!

1. S’Liberty (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

East Liberty, as in the neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

2. Caach (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Couch, as in “would yinz stop dropping crumbs behind the caach?”

3. Doohickey (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

When you don’t remember what something is called or are not sure of the use of an item. For example, a sentence could be: “Yinz know what this doohickey is for?”

4. Airyago (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

A phrase, “there you go” or “here you go.” For example, if someone asks for a pen, you would say “Airyago.”

5. Jeez o man! (phrase)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

A mash-up of “Geez!” and “Oh man!” often yelled in Pittsburgh traffic or by beleaguered Pittsburgh parents to their children.

6. Hahrd (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

The male name Howard or the county in Maryland often shown as a snowstorm epicenter in Pittsburgh weather: “Hahrd County is gonna get a foot!”

7. Nill (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Neal, as in a first name or a last name. An example could be the former Penguin and current Vegas Golden Knight, “the real deal James Nill!”

8. Cennertahnship (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Center Township, as in the Pittsburgh area community.

9. Lahrburl (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Lower Burrell, also a Pittsburgh area neighborhood.

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