Bring on the Nostalgia: 7 Fantastic Old Pittsburgh Commercials

After seeing Pittsburgh Dad spoof an old Iron City commercial, we felt inspired to put together a post featuring some of the best old Pittsburgh commercials from years past. Tell us about your favorite and what memories it brings in the comments!

1. John Cigna’s KDKA Traffic Helicopter Commercial

This ’80s promo spot was cheesiness at its finest. John Cigna was not harmed in this commercial.

2. This ’90s Century III Chevrolet Commercial

Every ’90s Pittsburgh kid loved to sing the jingle as they passed by the iconic Chevy dealer.

3. 1984 Penguins Commercial

Those haircuts! Baby Mario! The bad ’80s graphics! What could be better? The mid-’80s Pens commercials still get us hyped.

4. Edgar Snyder’s Mid-’90s Commercials

Attorney Edgar Snyder and Associates had such memorable commercials in the ’90s chances are most Pittsburghers can still recite his phone number from pre-area code days.

5. This late ’70s Heinz Commercial

’60s and ’70s babies remember the tagline “Heinz: The taste that’s worth the wait.”

6. This delightfully catchy WTAE promo

Keep an eye out for ’90s shows like Dinosaurs, big ’80s style hair, Kennywood and a very young Sally Wiggin.

7. This 1970s Iron City commercial

The tagline for this Iron City commercial is the motto of Pittsburghers everywhere: “Show ’em where you live!”

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    1. Old Frothingslosh beer radio commercials made by Rege Cordic and crew in the 1950s and 60s. “Old Frothingslosh, the pale, stale, ale with the foam on the bottom.” I seem to remember a tv commercial as well.

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