Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Bell Acres

A Brief History of Bell Acres

History of Bell Acres

Bell Acres was settled around the year 1808, later being established as Sewickley Township in June 1854. Bell Acres was incorporated as its own over 100 years later, in March 1960. Councilman George Gaydos was one who called for change, as there were suspicions that the neighboring borough, Sewickley Heights, was planning to annex part of Sewickley Township. The community was named after Bell Farms, which was the largest farm in the rural borough at the time. The population hit its all-time high back in 1950, at 2,365. The population was attributed to a rise in row houses along Big Sewickley Creek Road, which were home to steel workers.

Facts about Bell Acres

History of Bell Acres

Bell Acres is home to many famous Pittsburghers. Former Steelers quarterback Mike Tomczak and former Pens goalie Tom Barasso both call Bell Acres home. Craftsman Robo-Grip pliers founder Hal Wrigley also lives in Bell Acres. Back in the ’60s, the neighborhood used to have a Boy Scout camp called Camp Umbstetter, The camp had a swimming pool and dance hall. Bell Acres used to have two schools—the Jenny School and the Friday school. They’ve since been turned into homes. The community has six neighboring borders, including Economy, Franklin Park, Sewickley Hills, Edgeworth and Leet Township. Bell Acres is under the Quaker Valley School District.