Steel This Podcast

Episode 4 is here!  My guest on the podcast is John Dubosky, publisher of Steel This Magazine (see how I did that?)…  a local, stand-out publication featuring all things Pittsburgh.  Not to mention the fact (because we didn’t mention it on the podcast) that his advertisers are all local and offer discount coupons, a few of which are right on the front cover.   Brings back memories of the old S&H Green Stamps.  But I digress.

I’ve known John for a couple of years and we always have great conversations over coffee, usually forgetting why we got together in the first place.  He’s a great guy, and a transplant to Pittsburgh who’s decided to root himself and his new bride in this community.

Hear why he chose the name for his magazine, why he chose print instead of just digital (you can find that version here) and how he arrived here in Steel Town.

So… Steel some time to listen up, yinz!

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