A Post Industrial Revolution on the Podcast

Post Industrial

As a regular follower, you’ve probably noticed a few collaborative posts with Post Industrial media throughout our platform…  most of them centered around the new Pittsburgh Beautiful app and a follower picture of the week.  We’ve also become a part of their collaborative podcast network.

On this episode of the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast, I sit down with Matt Stroud, the co-founder of Post Industrial Media, to discuss the state of media consumption today, why he chose Pittsburgh with his partner and fellow journalist Carmen Gentile, and the message behind Post Industrial.  We also discuss the nature of media in relation to print vs. video and audio… and how Matt feels there is a niche market for audible consumption of news worthy stories… ie… PODCASTS.

Sometimes things just happen.  Other times, they happen for a reason.  I believe our partnership with Post Industrial has a reason.  Enjoy the show!


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