The Ultimate Pittsburgh Holiday Shopping Guide: 5 Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo by Mike Puhalla

This holiday season, we decided to create a series about shopping locally for everyone on your list. Each week, we’ll feature a fresh list of boutiques and stores in the area. This week, here are five items perfect for mom.

1. A piece from Boutique La Passerelle

The shop features a mix of European and American fashion, along with accessories like jewelry, handbags and scarves. The piece above is a chic black and white blazer that goes with virtually anything. For more information on Boutique La Passerelle, click HERE.

2. A sweater from Figleaf Boutique

A regional boutique with four locations across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, Figleaf sells lots of fun shoes and clothes and has an eclectic array of sweaters. The one above is a handmade heart sweater. For more information on Figleaf Boutique, click HERE.

3. Some bottles of wine from Pennsylvania Libations

Visit this one-of-a-kind retail shop for lots of beer, wine and liquor. The wine loving mom will enjoy their variety. Pennsylvania Libations connects distillers, small businesses and individuals to continue to grow and experience (as well as preserve) PA spirits. For more information on Pennsylvania Libations, click HERE.

4. A collection of trinkets from Wildcard

Wildcard is a fun Lawrenceville shop that sells cards and and stationery, mugs with whimsical sayings and jewelry and accessories. They even have an entire Pittsburgh category of ‘burgh-themed gifts. For more information on Wildcard, click HERE. 

5. A piece from Kiya Tomlin’s store

Photo by Lake Fong | Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Mike Tomlin’s wife Kiya has a shop that sells comfortable and stylish basics for women. There are hoodies, leggings, dusters and more. For more information on Kiya Tomlin’s shop, click HERE.