Pittsburgh’s 7 Seasons

If you’ve ever seen the memes circulating around social media about varying seasons based on a region’s crazy weather patterns, here are Pittsburgh’s. We don’t have four seasons, we actually have seven!

1. Freezing our kielbasas off

You know this time of year. You’re sick of the winter and it’s bitterly cold. Just walking the dog makes your entire body numb.

2. Whoa it feels like Pirates opening day!

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Surprise! It may be February but it’s 60 degrees. It feels like Opening Day at PNC Park.

3. Just kidding, back to feeling colder than a puck on the ice at PPG Paints Arena.

Never mind! It was easy to forget it’s February after all. Back to being as cold as a puck gliding along the ice at PPG Paints Arena.

4. It’s warmer out but still grayer than what’s under Granny’s babushka.

Photo by Emmanuel Fine Art Photography

Finally, spring! Don’t get too excited though—90 percent of the days this season are cloudy.

5. It’s hotter than a bench at Kennywood on the hottest day of the year.

Well spring was short-lived. Now it’s on to feeling hotter than your bottom sitting on a bench in the sun at Kennywood on the hottest day of the year. Yuck!

6. It’s fall for about two weeks.

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After what seemed like forever, it’s finally fall! The weather is beautiful and cool—for about two weeks.

7. Winter is coming—put out your bigger parking chair!

It’s back to winter. You’d better get your good parking chair out so it’s a quick trip back inside after running out to the store!

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