Arlington and Arlington Heights are located in the southern part of the City of Pittsburgh.  Arlington Heights is at the top of the hill and offers some wonderful views of Downtown Pittsburgh.  Originally, the neighborhoods were connected to the mills that ran along the Monongahela River near 22nd Street Incline, which is no longer in operation.  It ran from Josephine Street to Salisbury St.  Near the location of old Fort McKinley, during the civil war concern was had that the South would target Pittsburgh for invasion, thus the construction of the fort by the Jones and Laughlin Steel company.

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The areas are bordered by  the South Side Slopes, the South Side Flats,  HaysMount Oliver, and St. Clair.  This Pittsburgh neighborhood is mostly residential, with it’s streets winding on a loose grid up and down some of the steepest grades in the city.

Recent redevelopment has begun in the area, with many of the older homes either being renovated or knocked down to make way for new housing.  The location close to Mount Washington and the South Side provides easy accessibility to shopping, dining and down town.  The area indeed provides some of the best and most under-viewed views of the city!

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