Eric’s Project – The Eric McKenna Project

Listen to this episode of the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast, with Eric McKenna, right here!

One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that you can always find someone who thinks a lot like you do, but differently… if you know what I mean.   So… my wife, Lauren, the Pittsburgh Property Diva, had a radio show for a little while on News Radio 1020 KDKA.   I would live stream it on Facebook.   In doing so, I discovered Eric McKenna, another realtor in Pittsburgh, live streaming his radio show on WBPV in Beaver County.   Oh, well… I guess we weren’t first to the party, like I had hoped.

Fast forward a couple years, and I’ve been following Eric’s journey into the podcasting and video podcasting world.   I noticed the Eric McKenna Project on YouTube, and I just had to watch…  now here’s the “think a lot like you, but differently” part…   The focus of Eric’s podcast and video show are similar to mine… telling the stories of Pittsburghers…  but different in this way:  Eric’s show is recorded in Boogie Street Studios, a passion project born from a previous life’s venture into custom guitar making – Boogie Street Guitars.  Every part of his studio reflects Eric and his journey.   And it’s also long-form.  Eric encourages his guests to take as long as they want to tell their story.  And it works.

We spent a good hour talking about Pittsburgh Beautiful in Boogie Street Studios.   Then we took a short walk down the street in Coraopolis to Anchor and Anvil Coffee, and the host became the guest.   Eric is originally from Coraopolis, and in spite of having many opportunities to leave Pittsburgh throughout his career, has decided this is where he belongs.   So, the Eric McKenna Project was born.

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