7 Places in Pittsburgh You’ve Never Gone To…But Should Check Out

Sometimes, the longer you live in the city you tend to stick to your usual places. Last fall, we put together a “hidden gems in Pittsburgh” post. We wanted to build on that with seven more places you probably have heard of, but haven’t visited yet.  Click on the title for more information!

1. Bicycle Heaven

Places in Pittsburgh

Believe it or not, we have a museum with over 90,000 bikes and bike parts! There’s also a store in the facility too. It’s the largest bike museum in the world. Bicycle Heaven is open seven days a week, so it’s the perfect random place to head to when you’re craving some adventure. It’s also a non-profit museum, so they rely on donations from good people like us!

2. The Fountain of Youth

Places in Pittsburgh

Up until the 1950s, people thought there was actually a fountain of youth in Allison Park. This rock grotto was supposed to look Roman, but it looks just downright creepy now! Pittsburghers enjoyed this pure “youth” water until 1955. The pump handle was removed and the water was pronounced contaminated. The fountain has been not accessible to Pittsburghers since.

3. Emil’s Lounge

Places in Pittsburgh

This place is known for some of the best Pittsburgh comfort food in the whole city. Owner Emil passed away in 2009 but his daughter Krissy has taken over the shop to make sure the legend lives on! Mark this place next Lenten season as it boasts the best fish sandwich in the city. Try their Reubens too—they don’t disappoint!

4. Hope Haven Farm Animal Sanctuary

Places in Pittsburgh

Hop over to Sewickley to check out this adorable sanctuary doing good things. The home is dedicated to giving abused, unwanted and neglected farm animals a good home. It’s run by a local vet and gives tours between May and October, so mark this as a must-see this summer. They also welcome volunteers!

5. Mystery Lovers Bookshop

Oakmont boasts the home of one of the largest bookstores dedicated to mysteries in the U.S. It’s true—Mystery Lovers Bookshop has a huge collection of mystery novels to buy, as well as regular author visits and other mystery-related events.

6. Pinball Perfection

Places in Pittsburgh

There is an actual museum dedicated to everything pinball in the city. You’ll want to check out this museum off of Perry Highway that’s been around since 1991. There’s a player’s club upstairs and even live music from time to time. Check out machines that date all the way back to 1930s while you’re there.

7. City of Asylum

Places in Pittsburgh

This writer’s residence and sanctuary was once for those who were harassed in their own home countries. Now, it’s a non-profit that has literary and arts programs that are free to the Pittsburgh community. The non-profit also promotes cross-cultural exchange.

These were just 7 of the places in Pittsburgh you should visit… there are many more and check back often as we add to the list!

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  1. Michele lovell

    I grew up in Rankin pa and that is the home of ” Emils lounge”. I worked for Emil’s, catering weddings and working in his kitchen doing the meat,cheese trays and anything else he could have me work on. I worked through my high school and college years. He was a great man and he would always say that he was keeping me off of the streets! He called me “fuzzy” because of my curly hair. I had so much fun working for him even though he worked us hard. He was tough but his bark was louder than his bite. The food there is amazing and I miss the fish sandwiches! Nothing like this where I live now.

  2. It is a beautiful city. # 6 belongs to my soninlaw and his friend.Stop by and check it out,it is amazing.

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