6 Interesting Facts About the Penguins

Facts About the Penguins

Sure, you’ve seen your favorite players skate a few nights a week and you’re always excited when we get a win, but do you really know your Pens? We put together 7 facts about the Penguins you may not know…

1. Sidney Crosby lived with the Lemieuxs.

Facts About the Penguins

When Sid was still “the kid,” he lived with Mario Lemieux and his family in the Sewickley area. He moved out in 2010 and now owns his own home in the same area, as well as a Nova Scotia home he bought in 2006 when he was just 19 years old.

2. Phil Kessel comes from an athletic family.

Facts About the Penguins

Kessel’s family is full of athletes. His dad was a college quarterback at Northern Michigan University and ended up being drafted to the NFL to play for the Redskins. He never ended up playing though as he was on the injured reserve for a year then released. Kessel’s brother Blake was drafter by the New York Islanders and now plays in the DEL. His sister Amanda plays for the National Women’s Hockey League.

3. Evgeni Malkin owns a restaurant in Russia.

Facts About the Penguins

It’s true, Malkin owns a restaurant back home in Magnitogorsk, Russia. The restaurant is prison-themed to look like a Russian jail. Open one in Pittsburgh, Geno!

4. Jake Guentzel has made history at age 22.

Facts About the Penguins

Guentzel’s hat trick versus the Columbus Blue Jackets in April 2017 made him the first Pens rookie to score a playoff hat trick and the second rookie in NHL history to score both a hat trick and OT goal in the same playoff game. Pretty cool!

5. Matt Murray’s dog has its own Instagram account.

Facts About the Penguins

Matt Murray, just like us! The dog lover’s Newfoundland Beckham has his own Instagram account, @beckhamthenewf.

6. Carl Hagelin has a famous great-grandfather.

Facts About the Penguins

The Swedish Hagelin’s great grandfather was Boris Hagelin, Swedish businessman and inventor of encryption machines.


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  2. Been a penguin fan for many years. I did know a little, but wow! Thanks for sharing this bit of information with us. LETS GO PENS!!

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