7 Uniquely Pittsburgh World Records

Photo by @emabeck – Instagram

Here are seven uniquely Pittsburgh World Records we can brag about. Some are downright bizarre while others make more sense. Enjoy these seven records involving our great city.

1. Highest insured hair

Pittsburgh World Records

The highest insured hair is that of former Steeler Troy Polamalu. His famous long curly hair was insured for $1 million in 2010, along with many Head and Shoulders commercials later.

2. Largest “Cupid Shuffle” line dance

Pittsburgh World Records

Pitt’s class of 2016 got this record under their belt on August 23 in the year 2012. Just over 3,500 students danced to achieve the record.

3. Sidney Crosby’s got 8 world records

Pittsburgh World Records

Crosby has been—the youngest person with two 100-point NHL hockey seasons, the first person to score 100 pts. in an NHL season as a rookie, the youngest person to score 100 pts. in an NHL season, the youngest captain of a Stanley Cup winning team and much more.

4. We have the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl

Pittsburgh World Records

Ben Roethllisberger was 23 years old when he went to the Super Bowl in 2006 vs. the Seahawks.

5. World’s largest pierogi

Pittsburgh World Records
Photo by Bob Donaldson/Post Gazette

It’s only natural that the world’s largest pierogi was made in Pittsburgh. It clocked in at a whopping 123 lbs. at the Rivers Casino in October 2014. Crazy!

6. Most people dunking cookies at the same time

Pittsburgh World Records
Photo by Daniel M.N. Turner/NPR

Also in 2014, Pittsburghers convened in Market Square to dunk 2,152 cookies at the exact same time, setting a new world record.

7. Most dogs walked at the same time by one person

Pittsburgh World Records

Joseph Orsino, a resident of our lovely city, achieved the Guinness World Record for most dogs walked at the same time with a whopping 35 pups at once. Wow!

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