A Brief History of Findlay Township

History of Findlay Township

Findlay Township is located west of Pittsburgh in Allegheny County. Since 1979, the Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwest PA (or RIDC), has developed business and research park property adjacent to the airport. Township leaders have seen the beauty of the over 3,000 acres of open land in and around the airport. They’re hoping to make them a valuable resource for continued airport-related development. There is hope that the development will have streams and open space woven into the corporate structures. Pittsburgh International Airport owns just over 8,000 acres in the northern half of the township. 

Facts about Findlay Township

History of Findlay Township

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 32.6 square miles. All of the miles are land. Findlay has four neighboring communities—Moon, Robinson, North Fayette and Independence. Dick’s Sporting Goods houses their headquarters in the township. Also, for the past four years, the Post-Gazette has a printing operation in the Clinton area of the community. West Allegheny School District serves the township. The library in the community is Western Allegheny Community Library. It also serves North Fayette and Oakdale. In the township, the population was spread out equally with around 25-30 percent in each age group. Most households in Findlay have children under 18 living with them and are married couples in the household.

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