Looking for something fun and different to do in beautiful Pittsburgh?  See if you’ve got the wits to break out of a challenging escape room, like the ones you’ll find at Breakout Games!  Escape rooms are a new brand of entertainment that provide a more engaging experience than the typical sit-back-and-watch or mindless type of fun.  In our rooms, your group will be tasked with solving a perplexing mystery, while unlocking various codes and locks by cracking the clues found in the room.  All this builds up to a climactic escape opportunity. The only real question that remains is if you’ll be able to break out in time!

Participating groups have just one hour to complete the room and escape, so you’ll have to be focused and ready to go.  Escape rooms are a wonderful activity that caters to a wide variety of groups. Each room holds up to 8 people, so they’re perfect for friends, double (triple or quadruple!) dates, families, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or even co-workers seeking a unique team bonding opportunity.  Larger groups can also choose to split up into several rooms and compete to see which group breaks out first!

The wonderful thing about escape rooms is that they inspire a collaborative effort.  Since most typical games are competitive and can pit family members or friends against one another, these rooms require critical thinking and working together to succeed.  Clues are placed all over the room, and often times must be brought together to form solutions. Additionally, the more minds you’ve got in the room, the more opportunity you’ll have to discuss and bring in various view points in reaching solutions.  All said, you can expect a fun bonding moment as your team strives along the clues in your quest for escape.

Escape rooms also provide an excellent way to kick off a fun night or day out.  Many players leave excited and buzzing about the experience they had at Breakout, which leads to great memories of fun about town.  We recommend following up your visit with a dinner out in Pittsburgh or drinks at your favorite watering hole so that you can discuss the finer points of the room and socialize without the pressures of the room.  

If you reside in or near Pittsburgh, you can visit Breakout Games at one of our two locations in either Ross Township (North Hills near The Block Northway) or Dormont in the South Hills.  You’ll find that entering one of our rooms puts you right in the middle of a dramatic suspense story. Our rooms’ themes range widely from escaping a kidnapper’s dungeon to avoiding an impending volcano on a tropical island.  Perfect for anyone aged 10+, Breakout Games will definitely get you out of your ordinary entertainment realm and into something exciting and involved. Sign up to play today right here!

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