The Steelers are a tough team—they’ve played through snow, bitter cold, rain and more. Here are five of some of the craziest weather-related Steeler games in history.

1. Steelers vs. Dolphins, Heinz Field, 2007 – Rain/Storms

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Photo by Matt Freed | Post Gazette

The sloppy game was due to wet conditions and a thunderstorm delay. The game was a Monday Night Football event that many went to bed early during because the game was scoreless the entire time. It wasn’t until 17 seconds left that former Steeler kicker Jeff Reed scored to avoid a scoreless tie, which at that time would’ve been the first since 1943 and the only time since overtime was created in ’74.

2. Steelers vs. Browns, FirstEnergy Stadium, 2018 – Remnants of Hurricane Gordon

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AP Photo

Speaking of tie games! The Steelers and Browns played a sloppy (both weather-wise and game-wise) game. After back and forth interceptions, fumbles, missed field goals and touchdown opportunities, the game ended in a tie—21 to 21.

3. Steelers vs. Raiders, AFC Championship, Three Rivers Stadium, 1975 – ice/cold

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The temperature was just 18 degrees that day. There’s a story thats been going around for decades that the tarp at Three Rivers Stadium had leaked the night before during a rainstorm. The leaked water froze to ice the next morning, making the entire field an icy mess. The worst though was outside of the hash marks on the sidelines. Receivers slipped and slid everywhere. Some accused the Steelers (like the Raiders owner of the time) of icing the field intentionally, but most know we won on our sheer talent alone!

4. Steelers vs. Browns (again!), Week 17, 2017 – bitter cold

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Photo by Charles LeClaire | USA Today Sports

Pittsburgh was battling what would turn out to be a bitterly cold winter in 2017. The week 17 game versus the Browns brought a high of 15 degrees and a wind child of 6 below zero. The game was (coincidentally) another close one—24 to 27, Steelers.

5. Steelers vs. Bears, Heinz Field, 2005 – snow

Steeler Games

Photo by Lake Fong | Post Gazette

Cold and snow resulted in horribly muddy conditions at Heinz Field versus the Chicago Bears. Despite practically white-out conditions, the Steelers (led by Jerome Bettis, Heinz Ward and Ben Roethlisberger) began the road to Super Bowl 40. Also, fans will never forget Bettis’ epic 5-yard touchdown run.

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