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Pittsburgh, PA
7:11 pm, March 24, 2023
overcast clouds
Wind: 3 mph
Pressure: 1014 mb
Sunrise: 7:17 am
Sunset: 7:35 pm


One thing we all know about Pittsburgh’s weather… it’s unpredictable.  It can be raining in Brookline, sunny in Monroeville and windy in Mt. Lebanon… all on the same day.   Living with the weather in Pittsburgh takes skill.  If you don’t know the date, the weather in Pittsburgh can be very deceiving.   It’s 29 degrees and snowing…  you’d guess it’s winter.  However, I’ve been outside landscaping in MAY and that was the weather in Pittsburgh!  No doubt… see the video below:

What is Pittsburgh Weather Like in Spring?

Springtime in Pittsburgh is beautiful.  The sun is out, the birds begin to sing and the first few buds of spring flowers begin to show.    Oh… joy!  Spring fever in full bloom.   Then it freezes over.  Again.  What does that groundhog know, anyway?  Seems like nothing.  Because you never know what Spring weather in Pittsburgh can bring.  There have been years where we have freezing weather into May… see the video above!

What is the most amount of rain in Pittsburgh on a single day?

April showers bring May flowers, right?  Spring is usually known for rain, and the wettest month for Pittsburgh weather is historically May, with an average of 1.5 inches of rain falling on 11 days.  The single most rain to fall in a day in Pittsburgh on record is March 20th, 1996, when 1.73 inches of rain were recorded falling.

What is Pittsburgh Weather Like in Summer?

Summer… some say the best time of the year.  And yes… summer is beautiful in Pittsburgh.   However, the weather can be tricky.   Rain for days, and then blistering heat.   A couple years ago, we had the perfect summer for over a month!   You have to be ready for any kind of summer weather in Pittsburgh, so I’ve found that keeping a jacket and umbrella in my car at all times is a good tactic!

What is the hottest month in Pittsburgh?

The hottest month in Pittsburgh is July.  The average temperature reaches 83.4°F.  On record, the hottest day recorded at the Allegheny County Airport was 100.9°F on July 16th, 1988.

What is Pittsburgh Weather Like in Fall?

As summer begins to wane… Pittsburgh seems to hold for dear life!  It can stay hot well into September and October, only to freeze very quickly after Thanksgiving.  We are also looking for those fall colors, it seems from mid-August through late October before the actually show up.   For like 3 days.   Just kidding… but it really seems like a 3-day burst of incredible color and then…. snow.

What is Pittsburgh Weather Like in Winter?

Cold.  There.  That’s all.  Except that it rains and snows…. and then in December, usually around Christmas, it hits 50 degrees.  And winter usually lasts until it goes away… which can be April.  Or May.   And there are potholes.   Lots of them.   However… Pittsburgh weather, on a sunny day, is beautiful in winter.

What was the worst blizzard in Pittsburgh history?

pittsburgh weather

On November 24th, 1950, “The Great Appalachian Storm” roared through the midwest, dropping 27.4 inches of snow on Pittsburgh.  It happened to be Thanksgiving weekend, and the storm began on Friday, the 24th, continuing through Sunday morning, the 26th.   This storm was large enough to bring snow from Ohio all the way down into Georgia.  West Virginia, Ohio and Pittsburgh were hit the hardest.   Some towns around Pittsburgh experienced over 30 inches of snow.   Talk about winter weather!

A Few Things to Keep Handy for Pittsburgh Weather

Here are just a few things I’ve found helpful to keep in the trunk of my car or available in case the weather in Pittsburgh changes dramatically:

  1.  Rain coat or water proof jacket
  2. Umbrella
  3. Warm hat
  4. Baseball cap
  5. Ice-scraper
  6. Water proof boots or shoes
  7. Sweater or pull over
  8. Sunglasses

All of these things fit easily in the trunk of your car or close to the door.   Trust me…  you’ll be happy you prepared!

Pittsburgh Weather Averages – Month By Month


Pittsburgh weather in January is typically cold, with an average low of 21 degrees and an average high of 33.1.   This makes January the coldest month, on average, for Pittsburgh.  January is also the month with the most snow in Pittsburgh, averaging about 14 days and 3.3 inches of snow; it also rains about 9 days and 1.7 inches.


February is obviously a cold month for the weather in Pittsburgh, with temperatures ranging from an average low of 23.4 and high of 37.6.  Snow usually falls in February for about 10 days and reaches about 3 inches in total.  It also rains and average of 9 days and 2 inches in total.


March, the first month of Spring, is still a chilly month in Pittsburgh with the average high of 41.8 and low of 31.5.   It rains and snows in March, with average rain fall of 13 days and 2 inches, and average snow fall of about 7 days and 2.5 inches.


April’s weather in Pittsburgh starts to warm up a bit.  The average temperature is about 61 and the average low is 41.5 degrees.  You can get snow in April occassionally, with about 1.9 days and .16 inches in an average April.   With the highter temps, it rains more, of course, with average rain fall at about 16 days and 2.76 inches.


The weather in Pittsburgh really begins to warm up in May, with the average high of 71 and the average low of 51.  There is more rain than snow in the picture, with about 19 days and 3 inches of rain.  Those who think it doesn’t snow in May in Pittsburgh may want to watch the video at the beginning of this post!


June, the first month of summer, is moderately warmer in Pittsburgh, with average daily highs of 79 degrees and average lows of around 58.   Rain falls on roughly 17 days in June with about 2.76 inches accumulating.


The weather in Pittsburgh in July cranks up the heat index and the average temperature is about 84 with a low of 63.  July is generally the hottest month in Pittsburgh.  Rain fall averages about 18 days and 2.76 inches of accumulation.  There can also be long dry-spells in July.


The last of the summer months in Pittsburgh, August is another hot one, with average temps between 82 as the high and 61 as the low.  Somewhat less rain falls in August, with the average dropping to 16 days and about 2 inches.


Even though September is the first month of Fall, the weather in Pittsburgh remains relatively warm.   The average high temperature in Septmenber is 73 and the average low is about 56.  Rain fall averages around 13 days with 2.13 inches accumulating.


October weather in Pittsburgh starts to cool slightly, with average high temps at about 62 degrees and average lows of about 46.   You’ll see about 14 days and 2 inches of rain falling in October.   Yes… there can be snow as well, with the average of about 1 day of snow with less than an inch of accumulation.


November is when the weather in Pittsburgh begins to cool down significantly, with average high temps around 49 and lows about 34 degrees.  We start to see more snow fall in November, with 4 days and about an inch of snow.  Rain falls for about 10 total days and 1.5 inches.


The wintery month of December in Pittsburgh sees high temperatures chilling to an average of 39 degrees, and the lows averaging around 28.  Rain and snow in December in Pittsburgh are about equal, with each seeing about 10 days and 2 inches of accumulation.

What is the coldest month in Pittsburgh?

The coldest month in Pittsburgh is January, where the average high is 33.1°F and the average low is 21°F.

What is the hottest month in Pittsburgh?

July is the hottest month in Pittsburgh, where the average high is 84°F and average low is 63°F.

What month in Pittsburgh gets the most rain?

May in Pittsburgh has the most rain, with an average of 19 days and 3 inches falling.

What month in Pittsburgh gets the most snow?

January is the snowiest month in Pittsburgh, with about 14 days and 4 inches of snow falling.

How much rain does Pittsburgh get every year?

Pittsburgh averages about 164 days and 27 inches of rain every year.

How much snow does Pittsburgh get every year?

Pittsburgh averages about 48 days and 12 inches of snow each year.

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