J. Goughs Adds Music

Still reeling from the false start to the Marquee in Squirrel Hill,  (more on that soon) Greenfield and Squirrel Hill residents can satisfy their need for live music with a new weekly Singer/Songwriter showcase every Friday at J. Goughs on Murray Avenue in Greenfield.

Full disclosure, I bartend part-time at J. Goughs and am helping put the line up together.  That said, I am picky about where I work and hang out and ONLY associate myself with music I love (that’s why I was an unsuccessfully happy music promoter.)

J. Goughs opened in 2016 at the sight of a former nuisance bar.  They quickly changed the space and went about changing the culture.  The interior became both upscale and relaxing.  Hundreds of bottles of whiskey adorn the wall and the menu is populated with new takes on comfort food (as well as whiskey ice cream and bread pudding).

The series will kick off with songwriters Wil Kondrich, Max Robinette, and Koz.  They will play original music from 5 till 7.  Future artists are being scheduled as the series will continue indefinitely.

Kondrich is an artist so diverse that in addition to his solo and band work, he is currently a member of a garage band, punk band, Irish band, and soul band.  Yeah… four bands… all different… very different.  His solo works have played on WDVE, The Saturday Light Brigade, and WYEP.   He has released one record with another release in the near future.

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year in Pittsburgh music with new venues opening and other venues adding programs like this.  Remember, if you love live music, you need to support it.  It’s the Pittsburgh Beautiful thing to do!

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