Natalie Shugars – A Genuine Pittsburgh Girl

Natalie Shugars

Season 2 of the Pittsburgh Beautiful podcast is off to a roaring start!   Episode 1 featured Olivia, an international transplant who decided to make her dreams come true in Pittsburgh.   Epidsode 2 features Natalie Shugars… an OG from LAYtrobe who left to pursue her singer/songwriter dream and made the conscious decision to return home, complete the circle and give back to a city and region that she will always call home.

Natalie Shugars

Her roots are in Latrobe (that’s LAY-trobe to all you non-yinzers out there).   Natalie grew up singing, dancing and song writing.   She had a dream.   This dream has taken her around the country, from playing the “circuit” down south all the way to the West Coast.   Singing and writing just came naturally to her.   So does giving back.   So Natalie decided to come home.   Home to Pittsburgh.   Where it all started for her, and where she hopes to shine her light on a city rising once again.   Her series, N’at About Town, can be seen on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and her website,   I sat down with Natalie at the Abbey on Butler Street in Lawrenceville to ask her about her journey, her dreams, and her feelings about the Steel City.

Thank you, Natalie for your never-ending energy and dedication to a city and region that we all love… Pittsburgh.   And thank you for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful.

Listen to Natalie’s journey right here on the Pittsburgh Beautiful Podcast!

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