Christi Lukasiak – From Pittsburgh Mom to Dance Mom and Back

Admittedly, I never watched a single episode of Dance Moms.   Now… since I’m a guy in my late 40s… I’m pretty sure that’s not a suprise.   However, I was a little nervous about admitting it to my guest, Christi Lukasiak, of Dance Mom fame…  but in this day and age of “transparency”… well, I had to.   And she was thankful that I hadn’t… in a jovial sort of way.

Anyone who watched the series knew her to be quite outspoken.   As we all know, reality TV can mold someone into whatever they want for ratings…   not to say that’s what happened on Dance Moms… but I think you understand.

Listen to my interview with Christi Lukasiak rigtht here.

I reached out to Christi on her instagram page and was pleasantly surprised to discover that even with such a large following, she handles her social media.  Her reply was quick and to the point… “I’d love to be a guest on your podcast!”    We met at a local Starbucks, and I got to know Christi first as a Pittsburgher, and then as a mom.   Let’s just say she does both pretty well.   I like to leave the heart of my podcast posts actually on the podcast… so listen to my interview with Christi Lukasiak right here.   And stay real.   Like Christi.

You can find Christi all over social media on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and on her blog, Cake For Breakfast.

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